As a contemporary Ugandan artist, color and clay has been my medium of expression for several years, In addition to studio experiences gained, my involvement in the art and design programs has continued to enrich my investigative and research potential in exploring materials, techniques and aesthetic qualities of ceramics, painting, sculpture. In order to satisfy my desires as an independent artist, to provide a source of inspiration and to expose unique forms to art appreciators, users and collectors, I have been very sensitive to the indigenous traditional forms and the rich cultural and social environment in which I live. In so doing, I am aiming at fulfilling my artistic needs using the locally available materials without compromising the quality of my work.

I have always placed emphasis on form and design. Some type of surface treatment characterizes all my work. I gain satisfaction in decorating and attempt to employ textures combined with colors. My work is centered on simple form, and each piece conveys a feeling of delicacy, lightness and fine detail. The brushwork represents the part of the process I most enjoy, and I continually strive to create the finest and most aesthetic line possible. Generally my work is also primarily decorative although most functional as well.

In all my exhibitions, a combination of these has created a favorable climate for my growth in using the surfaces of my forms as a canvas for the painter. The surface of my works is articulated in a manner that I consider being analogous to music. Color is used to establish rhythms that develop over the surface. The painted patterns and lines are used to punctuate the movements, sometimes harmoniously and at other times discordantly. A visual resonance is set up to move the calm surface. My work reflects my own inner discoveries and struggle to emerge as a creative artist.

Frank Mudibo