This work lends itself to printing in large format. That is why we decided to have a high-quality scan of the original.

The print is incredibly realistic. When you look up close to work, you think it is an original. The relief, the textures of the original are identical. However,  the plate it is smooth. This copy is printed on so-called Forex plate material of 1 cm. very light. Another solution is Dibond or Canvas.

A special Fine-Art scanner can capture the smallest details of the artwork, but also the fabric expression of the surface (cloth, paper, wood, etc.). They look critically at the plasticity of the original. The right lighting plays a very important role here.

This makes it possible to make a print on a large format (width 2 meters) and on any desirable material.

If you are interested in a reproduction, please contact us. Only a limited edition will be printed. This is to ensure the authenticity of the original as much as possible.

For information call: +31 (0) 654905982 or mail


Frank is inspired by the Ugandan woman in her still ongoing struggle for emancipation. In order to achieve a strong and independent position in Ugandan society, women in Uganda often work in groups, and support each other in all areas. Frank expresses this by depicting women in groups of closely related figures. Every work is unique. Frank plays with color and therefore always knows how to find harmony in his work.