Frank Huisman Mudibo is born in Uganda (East Africa). He was encouraged by his parents to follow the path of being an artist since childhood. Later, he collected his Bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Arts (BIFA) at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University Kampala in 2007.

During the course of time, Frank exhibited locally before relocating to the Netherlands (Gorredijk) in December 2017.

Frank produces works in various media from, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Woodcut Prints, to a mixed media installations. This heterogeneous model provides him with fluidity to constantly explore methods, materials and the effects of texture on observers perception.

His quest is to examine the formal possibilities of the surface by accentuating the shapes with color and lines. Generally, his works are constructed around the idea of experimentation

On conceptual plan, Frank starts from everyday impressions and observations often tackling social themes even the controversial ones such as Homosexuality, Nudity, Marriage, Corruption, Religion.

Frank starts from his sub-consciousness respectively from the set of free associations which are processed further in accordance with the certain social topic. He has always emphasized form and color, Lines, and most of his works are centered on simple forms, conveying a feeling of delicacy, Beauty, Lightness and fine details.